Christopher Mintz-Plasse as IG-88

Jonah Hill as IG-80

Seth Rogen as IG-72

Aziz Ansari as IG-79

Eric McCormack as Matt King, IG-88 and IG-80's Boss

Michael Cera as IG-78

Justin Long as IG-77

Jay Baruchel as IG-76

Jason Segal as IG-75

Russell Brand as IG-74

Danny McBride as IG-73

Bill Hader as IG-71

Andy Samberg as IG-70

Jack McBrayer as IG-81

Craig Robinson as IG-82

Rainn Wilson as IG-83

Zach Galifianakis as IG-84

Ed Helms as IG-85

Brandon T. Jackson as IG-86

Seth MacFarlane as IG-87

Seth Green as IG-89

Patrick Warburton as IG-90

Brad Garrett as John Newman

James Belushi as Chris Newman

J.G. Quintel as Dennis Newman

Zachary Levi as Clark Newman

Clark Duke as Jeremy Newman

Logan Grove as Whippin Joe, A 13 year old teenager who befriends IG-88 and IG-80.

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